PRP: Restore Thinning Hair with Regenerative Medicine Therapy

Few things radiate youth and vitality like a full head of hair. Unfortunately, as we age, many people experience hair loss or thinning hair. The good news is treatments are available that can help, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Dr. Shahriar Khezri and our team at Orchid Wellness and Medical Spa in Edmonds, Washington, combine the latest technologies with innovative treatment methods to provide anti-aging and aesthetic solutions to address a wide variety of issues.

Whether you’re seeking younger-looking skin, body sculpting, hair regeneration, or more, we can support your goals using protocols that are safe, evidence-based, and patient-centered.

Hair loss

Almost everyone experiences at least some amount of hair loss as they age. Each hair typically lasts 2-7 years before it falls out and is replaced with a new hair. As we get older, however, many hair follicles don’t produce these new hairs. Hair may also become thinner and more fine.

Some men may begin looking bald on the top of the head or at the temples as early as age 30, and they may be almost totally bald by 60. Women can experience baldness as well, with their hair becoming less dense and their scalp more noticeable.

PRP therapy

Also known as platelet-rich plasma therapy, PRP therapy uses a person’s own blood to help promote new hair growth. Blood is made up of red blood cells and plasma, which consists of white blood cells and platelets.

Platelets contain growth factors that are used to treat a number of health problems, including arthritis, and to reduce the signs of aging. The plasma can help encourage regeneration of the hair follicles and the growth of new hair.

The process

PRP therapy involves a couple of steps. First, blood is drawn from your arm and then placed in a centrifuge, a machine that spins the blood at high speed to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. Next, the plasma is injected into the areas of the scalp that need hair regrowth.

The procedure itself usually takes just a half-hour and may cause minor discomfort. Cool air or ice packs may be used, but numbing or anesthetic isn’t necessary. There’s minimal downtime for recovery, and the treatment has a low risk for side effects because it uses your own blood.

For best results, you may need a series of PRP injections. At a consultation with Dr. Khezri, he can answer any questions, discuss a treatment timeline, and help you set realistic expectations for your hair regeneration.

If you’re worried about thinning hair or balding, call our office or request an appointment online today to find out if PRP therapy is right for you.

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